About Us

Discussing a scanErrington Associates was founded by leading radiologist, Dr Martin Errington, and widely respected GP, Dr Jackie Errington.

The couple also established The Edinburgh Clinic - the esteemed private hospital, where Errington Associates’ imaging department is based today.

Errington Associates has passion for, and commitment to patient care. Our philosophy is to provide first-class expertise in diagnostic imaging, coupled with excellence in customer service.

Errington Associates has earned a reputation as an innovative, dependable diagnostic imaging provider, working with both public and private healthcare providers.

As well as the NHS and all leading medical insurance providers, we have been working closely with the MOD since 2003 - providing imaging for over 10,000 injured personnel.

We have over a decade’s expertise within the Sports & Fitness industry, providing services for many key Scottish Premier League football clubs, the British Olympic Association and the Scottish Rugby Union to name but a few.