Our Approach

Looked at, looked after.CT

We pride ourselves on the friendly, compassionate patient care we provide.  Offering the supportive alternative to larger commercial imaging providers.

From initial referral through to patient aftercare, we ensure that our service is the ultimate in professionalism -focussed upon confidentiality, accuracy and, above all, care.

Patients are always treated with the utmost respect and, have access to ongoing support and specialist advice through our aftercare services.

Our aftercare team includes specialist GPs and radiologists with years of experience working in hospital environments; brushing shoulder to shoulder with the ‘must-see’ specialists for every type of injury and medical condition. The aftercare team can introduce patients to medical experts who can deliver a recovery that is as swift and, as easy as possible.

Our standardsDiscussing a report

In order to provide the exceptional standards that we do, we rigidly uphold the members’ code of conduct set out by the General Medical Council (GMC). This means that all of our consultants act with integrity, accountability and honesty. We believe in providing a completely transparent service, acting exclusively in the interests of patients.

• We ensure that all our consultants are Fellows of the Royal College of Radiologists and don’t just meet, but exceed, current Continuing Medical Education requirements
• We ensure that all scanning and imaging equipment is of optimum quality and the highest specification
• We ensure that our patients’ data is safeguarded with a rigid IT infrastructure and a deep-seated culture of confidentiality

Patients, medical professionals and government bodies alike, trust Errington Associates to provide unrivalled standards of imaging, diagnostic reporting and aftercare.