About Us

Discussing a scanErrington Associates was founded by leading radiologist, Dr Martin Errington, and widely respected GP, Dr Jackie Errington.

The couple also established The Edinburgh Clinic - the esteemed private hospital, where Errington Associates’ medical imaging department is based today.

At Errington Associates, we are passionate about providing exceptional service. Our philosophy is to provide first-class expertise in diagnostic imaging, coupled with excellence in patient care.

Errington Associates has earned a reputation as an innovative, dependable diagnostic imaging provider. We work with both public and private healthcare providers and allied medical professionals - offering a comprehensive range of imaging modalities.

As well as the NHS and all leading medical insurance providers, we have been working closely with the MOD since 2003 - providing imaging for over 10,000 injured personnel.

We also have over a decade’s expertise within the Sports & Fitness industry, providing imaging services to all key Scottish Premier League teams, the British Olympic Association and the Scottish Rugby Union to name but a few.

Errington Associates is recognised as an Expert Witness by The Law Society of Scotland and is also a member of the UK Expert Witness Institute.