Our Experience

Examining a scanNHS

For over a decade we have assisted our NHS partners in meeting tough waiting list targets.

The flexibility of our diagnostic imaging, remote reporting and teleradiology services provides them with the swift turnaround times and meticulous approach to patient care they demand.

Our team has over 30 years of experience running NHS departments and know NHS protocol and standards inside-out.

This precious NHS experience gives us a genuine understanding of the need for NHS imaging suppliers to be immediately responsive. Our partners trust that we never struggle to deliver - no matter how much notice you give us.

Our NHS partners repeatedly contract us to act as their exclusive diagnostic imaging arm - a testament to our success.

Errington Associates is registered as an Independent Medical Agency under Healthcare Improvement Scotland - the body for both NHS and independent healthcare regulation. We are also sid4health registered and are happy to supply our DUNS number upon request.

Preparing a reportMOD

Errington Associates have worked closely with the Ministry of Defence for almost a decade.

We have provided rapid access to diagnostic imaging to both the Defence Medical Services Division and the Army Recruitment & Training Division uninterrupted from 2003 to date. During this time, our team have imaged in excess of 10,000 personnel.

In order to provide the flexible, fast-track service the military requires, Errington Associates has developed a UK-wide collaborative network of stand-out imaging providers and allied medical professionals - a network co-ordinated and retained by us.

Not only is this unique network cost-efficient for our contractors, it continues to provide geographical flexibility that is unparalleled by other independent imaging providers. We have immediate access to 20-30 imaging centres across the UK, as well as hundreds of radiographers and support staff.

Since establishing our network, the MOD has awarded us numerous contract extensions. This demonstrates the faith they have placed in Errington Associates and our supply-chain management capabilities.

MRIPharmaceutical Research

Our consultants have over ten years’ experience collaborating with research giants.

We have performed numerous specialised medical imaging studies for cosmetic and drug development initiatives within the pharmaceuticals sector - everything from skincare ranges to chemotherapy treatments.

This work has included partnerships with:

  • The Medical Research Council
  • Cancer Research UK
  • The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals

We offer specialist imaging modalities, including MRI, radioactivity and ultrasound, that meet the incredibly exacting quality standards the industry requires.

Our experts provide Clinical Radiation Expert consultancy throughout the design, trial and approval processes, with specialist knowledge of dealing with National Research Ethics submissions.

X-rayOccupational Healthcare

Errington Associates’ occupational healthcare experience includes the provision of:

  • Occupational Health Surveillance
  • Sickness Absence Management
  • Health & Wellbeing Strategies
  • Injury at Work Assessment
  • Health Screening Programmes

We have collaborated with occupational health departments within the brewing industry, publishing industry, financial services, construction industry, and the police service.

Errington Associates’ imaging modalities and expertise have been commissioned for a range of occupational health concerns, from diagnostic imaging of the impact of industrial dust exposure on the lungs to MRI scanning to illuminate the cause of back pain.

Our consultants offer a wealth of experience assisting physiotherapists with accurate imaging and swift diagnosis of a range of musculoskeletal injuries. Much of this expertise comes from our vast experience working within the sports and fitness industry.

Our work is crucial to occupational healthcare providers - accelerating employee rehabilitation and their return to work.

In line with your organisational Health and Wellbeing policy, we offer immediate access to screening tests for osteoporosis, breast conditions as well as heart risk assessment.

We can tailor comprehensive employee and executive health screening programmes to both organisational needs and budgets.