Our privacy policy sets out how we (Errington Associates) might use the information about you which is collected through our website. It also explains what your rights are relative to the data that we collect.

Data Protection Compliance

At Errington Associates, we defend the strict confidentiality of both our patients’ and website users’ personal information.

Both organisationally and morally, we are steadfast in our adherence to Data Protection legislation, NHS Information Governance and General Medical Council regulation.

Information Collection

We only collect personal information about you when you give it to us willingly.

At Errington Associates, we collect information about the patients who attend our imaging clinic, as well as information about organisations and persons who submit either an enquiry form or patient referral.

We also store the information you provide to us when you complete one of our surveys or send in feedback.

When you use our site, Google Analytics and cookies will collect information about how you (as an anonymous user) have used our website - this happens when you use most websites. However, this information does not specify your identity.

How We Use Your Information

We exactingly comply with Data Protection legislation. Your information is always held in the strictest confidence.

All third-party organisations we contract who might come into contact with your information are subject to firm contractual obligations and constraints to maintain the preservation of absolute confidentiality where the personal information about our patients, clients and website users is concerned.

Anonymous website usage data collected by Google Analytics ( www.google.com/analytics) and cookies (www.aboutcookies.org ), as well as the trends they show, may be shared with third parties.

However, we never pass on information in which you are personally identifiable without getting your explicit consent.


We only ever send information about Errington Associates' services to those have given us their consent to contact them.

The information we send will be about Errington Associates only.

If you decide that you would no longer like to receive information about Errington Associates either by email or any other medium, simply Contact Us to ensure that we do not contact you again.

We always give you the option to unsubscribe from our marketing emails within the email itself. Simply hit the unsubscribe link and follow any additional instructions.

How to Access Your Information

You have legal right to request a copy of all of the information that we (Errington Associates) hold about you - this includes any medical information.

If you would like to see this information, we are happy to provide it. Simply contact our Client Services team on 0131 477 7400.

Privacy Policy Updates

We regularly update our privacy policy in line with regulatory and organisational changes. By using our site, you show acceptance of our current privacy policy.

Our privacy policy was last updated on the 24th January 2012.